Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Homemade Leather Tools.

With a little help from a friend. Score, cut and bevel. 1/8". A 3-in-1! Someone said the handle looks like a hot dog!
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Sheep Bones! 



Shall keep updating with a new post dated Feb.26th,2009



Extra fingers to hold leather in place.

For measuring bracelet sizes.
Dog Comb? 
In progress, a leather covered stitching pony with a leather hinge!

Changed the butterfly nut.

Birth of a stitching pony.


Friend made this for me. 24/01/2014
Tapping a Perma-Lok needle!

Instead of skiving, beveling with the French skiver then glue them together and beat the hell out of it with a ball hammer just to attach the male snap, I now use a 3 mm bolt & nut.
Save me tons of times!

Expired Silicone!

 Birth of an aluminum mallet and maul.
Shall update later.


kelldragon said...

Opel you are a Genius!

MagnusCaleb said...

fruit fork for the edge bevelers, you are my hero now

TOp13 said...

Obrigado por compartilhar!!!!

Unknown said...

fantastico ingenio Opel un saludo desde Mexico luisoliveros@yahoo.com pero como le diste filo al matacantos? un abrazo

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

I really like this guy no wast at all and half the fun in leather tooling is making the tool.

Unknown said...

So much helpful information in one place. I agree, you are a genius! Thank you so, so much for sharing!

Unknown said...
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Dennis said...

Excellent! I like your thinking. Nice post and thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Beautiful!!! Where did you get the tool to “round” the bottle caps???? Brian

dough said...

Terinspirasi... terimakasih bang

Степан said...

Excellent, very interesting and useful. I buy tools at Leatherwork shop.

AverageJoe said...

Great work, as always Opel!