Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Family Members! Spotted Dove.

August,12th 2008
It is now a routine, they come back every few hours for the food.

August 11th.

They came around 0900 and 1800 hrs. It did look like they are looking for their kids as in the first pic my wife told me that dad was cooing and looking behind those shelves. Check this out:

They emptied the tray of food too!
A friend told me the thin one is male. ???
Hope they'll come back to breed again and not STOP AT TWO!

August, 10th 2008
About 1415 hrs., my wife told me that they are back! Both the parents came and took the food, am not sure if its for their kids or for themselves. They stayed for about half an hour.
I shot them, put up the volume to hear their calls also in between you can hear a myna but took off before I can swing the camera.

Enjoy! They left
As predicted, they left at around 1915 hrs. while I was watching our National Day Parade 'live'.
First egg laid on July 9th and fledged on August 9th.
We missed them but that's life! My wife took the last few pics around 1700 hrs. They were pinkish, wonder if that was a sign? Hope they do come back for those food should they go hungry.
Now to bring that Mint plant back to life?

Our 43rd National Day!
A family reunion? All four were here this afternoon! I bot them food yesterday and they are accepting it!
Few mins back, mum stocked those seeds and fed them to the kids! I think they're happy here and hope they do come back should they decide to leave.

08.08.08 Late Afternoon.

Bot them food.

On my way back, I kept calling my wife to see if they're still around!
One of them fell two floors down and I knocked on my neighbour's door to 'catch' it back!
This is the first night either mum or dad is not staying for the night! 08.08.08
Mother ( Father? ) and child spending the night at the grill.
It's raining out there!
They're still here this afternoon.
August 7th.
They left their nest the very first time this morning!

August 6th. August 5th. August 4th.

I shot them this morning!!!!
View videos:

Hope they're ready by the 9th to join in our 43rd National Day celebration!
August 2nd. August 1st. 2008 July 31st. July 30th. July 28th.
They just changed shift and feeding time! July 27th.
July 25th. July 24th.
We are thrilled! What a beautiful sight! July 19th.
She let me touches her! Well... to a certain extend.. July 17th.
July 14th.

Second egg on the 11th.They came on the 7th.

Checking out the place.
We'll take this mint leaves.
First egg on the 9th.

Hatching, only one?

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