Monday, December 31, 2007

Picture Transfer/Another '2-Shews'

Some blunders! Forgot to copy that pic. with ' mirror image ', the wordings of that temple ( Hong Kong ) came out the other way! Used that for the back piece. Should have used thicker leather for the flaps! My sisters-in-law are not complaining! We learn from mistakes!

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Soh's Work.

Making eyepatches for a customer.

At The Hereen, Orchard Rd. Singapore.

A Loving Couple!

Soh's Custom made Biker's Wallet.
With almost twenty years experience!

19 Compts.Feng Shui Wallet.

Gave this to a friend, met him again some months later, he told me that it ' burst!'

Maybe he had too much money after carrying it! ROFLOL!
Good Feng Shui!
Sorry Brother!

Those Were The Days! Sailing.

Songo Songo, Tanzania 1980.



Water hole.

Ali Shan, Taiwan 1970

Put my head in for this shot!
Seen a chopper swimming?

Been here twice.

Gulf of Suez.

Lost a Dutch 'leather' friend who worked on one of these.


Lonely out there!

Seen a rainbow lately?
Looking for that pot of gold?

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Leather Covered Thumd-Drive / Tape Case

Thumb-drive. Measuring Tape.
Scarf / Napkin? Skiving Blades

Carved Ping Pong Bat Cover.

For a table tennis transplant who represented Singapore in the Olympics. That two words in red said, " Keep It Up "! The other side is a " 2-Shews " of the player's face and the Singapore Flag.

Carved Western Scissors Case

For three pairs. Shall make a gun belt for it when time permits.

Unusual Pics:Discus Q-up, Grafted Hibiscus.

This was taken more than ten years ago after a water change. These Discus just stayed in a straight line! Sent it to a local newspaper for the weekly ' Unusual Photo ' contest and won S$35.00! When asked how did I make them Q-up? I told the reporter that I used a cane and whistle! LOL!

Grafted seven, lucky to have three different blooms in a day!

An unusual gift from a friend

Friday, December 28, 2007

Camera Cases

Stop guessing what that silhouette picture is, that's a Chinese word for image! Correct me if I'm wrong.